Hey Jude – Hitting

Since Jude forgot one important skill, I will complete the series with an article on hitting.  Hitting requires timing and good hand eye coordination.  It can be broken down into three steps: approach, jump and hit.

If you are hitting from the power (left) side and a right hand hitter, you want to line up just left of the sideline outside the court and at the 3 meter line so you can adjust to where the ball is set.  If you are too close the center of the court, it will be hard to adjust to balls that are set too far.

The approach is usually taken as two steps.  Right hand hitters lead with the left foot.  Left, right, together, jump.

For the jump, you want to swing both arms up to get the most vertical.  You don’t want a lazy left arm (right hand hit) and the left arm should be up when you make the hit.  Just be careful not to touch the net.

For the hit, draw back your elbow straight back and then swing your arm FULLY extended.  You don’t want a bent arm since you want to hit the ball at the top of your swing and as high as possible.  Hitting at the net is different then overhead serving where a bent arm is ok.  Contact with the ball is at the base of your palm with a floppy wrist and open hand that will give the ball some spin.  The direction of the hit is determined by your wrist and not your body.

Hitting takes lots of practise so hope these tips help.  Neil

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