There’s not a lot of equipment required to play volleyball….just a ball and a net. Here are some things to look for when purchasing equipment.


There are three general materials balls are constructed from –

Plastic – The cheapest balls are made from this material. Plastic is usually hard on the arms (some are foam-backed to make the ball softer) and usually not very durable.

Synthetic Leather – A great material for volleyballs. There is no break-in required and it holds up well with use. Good value for the money.

Leather – The most expensive balls are genuine leather. However, they require break-in until the leather softens.

At first sight, balls may look the same but better material usually means higher prices and better quality. The red/white outdoor Wilson AVP balls used on the beach come in these three versions.

Nets and Net Systems

A good net should use steel cable for strength and durability and have a thick tape around the net. If used at the beach, tie down straps should be used for tension. These can be purchased at Home Depot, Canadian Tire and most hardware stores.

When purchasing a net system, consider where you will be using your system. Park and Sun systems do not have detachable nets which makes them awkward when setting up at posts on the beach. However, their aluminum poles are much lighter than the steel poles used in Caverly systems.

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